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Monogrammed Can Coolers and Bottle Coolers with Feathers
Monogrammed Can Coolers and Bottle Coolers with Feathers

Girlie Coolers with Feathers

koozies with feathers

You can't get more girlie and fun than these personalized feather  coolers!  You choose your cooler color, marabou feather color and monogram for a girlie cooler that is all yours!

Small polka dots or swirls (as shown above) can be embroidered on the cooler per request.  Please put any special requests in the memo box below.

All marabou feather colors that have the same name as my ribbon colors coordinate with each other.  For example, the turquoise marabou matches the turquoise ribbon.  If the names aren't the same, they will not be the same color (ex.: the pink beauty marabou and shocking pink ribbon are not the same color).  For the monograms, I have thread to match all of the ribbon and marabou colors.

If you have any questions regarding color matching between ribbon, marabou and coolers, please do not hesitate to email me.

Do you want to add some swarovski crystals to your cooler to really dress it up?  You can add Bling! to any of my coolers here:

Bling! Upgrades

Please click on the following links for cooler colors, marabou colors, etc:

Coolie Colors

Marabou Feather Colors

Font Options

Polka Dot Ribbon Choices

Printed Ribbon Choices

Striped Ribbon Choices

Cooler Color:
Monogram-First Name Initial:
Monogram-Last Name Initial:
Monogram-Middle Name Initial:
Name or Other Text:
Font Style:
Monogram Color:
Marabou Color:
Ribbon Choice if Desired (done in simple band as shown above):
Cozy Type:Can
Plastic Cup
Longneck add $1.00
16.9oz Water Bottle add $1.00
20oz Water Bottle add $1.00
Add Embroidery To Back Side (specify lettering below):No
Yes add $2.00
Other Specifications:

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Please allow 2-3 weeks for your order to arrive as these items are custom made to order. If you need it sooner please contact us for a rush requests. Please visit our FAQ page for more details: CLICK HERE for FAQ

Can coolers, also known as coolies, huggers, huggies, koozies, etc, are the perfect gift for everyone. Inexpensive yet thoughtful and oh so fun. :)

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